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Thinking Out Loud 1

Just me thinking out loud (broad ideas)

Fixing poverty is not one answer solution.

It is not about simply throwing money at it.

Cannot fight poverty with poverty

3 types of poverty 1.through luck or lack of(medical, opportunity, etc.) 2.through choice (bad decisions, drug use) 3.mental disorder

Fixing poverty will require fixing other areas first

Would have to change the mindset, work with mental issues

These people will need mental help, rehabilitation, education, someone to basically hold there hand through the entire process.

Innovative ideas from medical, educational and creative people should be sought.

This is where the entire communities will have to be involved. (they have to be committed or it's pointless) they have to take responsibility as well and have legitimate opportunities(this is where things will have to be fixed for the entire country)...

current thoughts: (perhaps) Introduce an incentive type program for a raise in the minimum wage for Drug Addicts(to get rehabbed) collecting unemployment currently..., getting educated on health... money skills,... maintaining sobriety.

immigration problem

I don't think Americans have a problem with immigrants but immigrants acting un American

POSSIBILITY- A set wage below minimum wage for specific jobs, these would be labeled When on the path to citizenship(may be opening a can of worms) .While on path to citizenship.

Make companies responsible for 100% of employees (no more hiding behind Temp. Agencies and hiring undocumented workers)

Have an organization randomly check companies

Those illegally in the country will need to fix immigration status in order to earn,

Revamp the immigration process

Form a path to citizenship

change testing to be more challenging including speaking ability

look into making IDs unreplicable

Amnesty should only be

Administered to the Dreamers upon passing there Senior year Civics exam

In my opinion, the wall is simply a distraction to get all arguing with each other and not pay attention to what really affects you. How is the wall going to change or better your lives? Things that actually matter everyone is turning a blind eye to but then everyone complains when these same problems arise when things are too late.

economy (rough sketch)

Basically, rotate the $ in the U.S.

I do not believe automation is supposed to drive the worker out of a job I believe automation is supposed to help us colonize a new planet (that's how we are supposed to deal with overpopulation-yes we are way behind schedule)

Something I do not hear anyone discussing is...what happens when automation puts everyone out of work and no one has any money to purchase the goods produced or sold... everyone will lose... no work, companies just spent millions on new equipment with no one to buy the product

I do not think the U.S. can or should try to compete with China over manufacturing. Not if everyone wants an increase in wages and have to deal with inflation

I think the way for America to thrive is to focus on Made in America...quality, And eliminate greed.(not going to be easy)

(people currently do not buy American because they cannot afford it)...that's where the increase in wages enters the argument

I do not mean overpricing but rather better quality materials, the hand made process, etc...instead of quantity worry about quality and most important greed must be eliminated in order for all to thrive and this idea to work

Made in America quality would put people back to work, earn an increase in wages, be proud of the products shipping out the door.

wages. My thinking here is The more cash you have the more you spend without worry. A person is willing to take a risk because they have that security.

I am not looking at this increase as an increase in the minimum wage but as a living wage. Businesses did this to themselves by keeping wages low and raise increases low by hiring temp employees.

You need to spend money to make money

Proposal $15/hr with inflation (The equivalent per state)

must be over 18... want the focus to stay on school

must be a U.S.citizen or legal Alien

under 18 the current wage would stay with the addition of the increase in inflation

I believe a company residing in the U.S., employing happy American workers deserves some kind of financial incentive to stay competitive.

but I also believe that the employees should somehow be valued in company profits through reinvesting a portion of profits to employee benefits...not just going to the CEO or stockholders...Making all employees feel valued will benefit the company overall...


I would include and start with the teachers and parents as well as student input on changes they would want to see and then go from there

A focus on the Arts should be brought back

Teamwork, Problem Solving would be focused on.

History would be of focus

Improve the Nutrition of lunch

Look into after-school Arts electives not only during school hours

Look into the possibility of having a greenhouse on rooftops

Medicare for all

I would propose Medicare for all in 2 or 3 tiers


Basic: current

2nd tier: top notch

Student debt

No one put a gun to your head and forced you to take out a loan.

You must learn to take ownership of your decisions and choices


At the same time, I do not believe the government should be making a profit off someone trying to better themselves through education by charging interest. A small administrative fee seems fair to me.

In the end its the government that looks good and can benefit from someone educating themselves.

Thoughts on guns... I agree with both sides.

First I agree with stricter gun laws. I do not understand the holdup.

Gun laws should be the same in all 50 states, no loopholes

There are too many guns in the U.S to worry about someone taking away your guns

Everyone should not be punished for the decisions of a few bad apples per bushel.

A focus on mental health should be applied and closely monitored for the slightest signs of endangerment

When applying for a permit one should be required to undergo a physical mental evaluation at that time

" " " " be required to take a gun safety class

Upon every gun purchase, one should be required to undergo another physical mental evaluation if last evaluation was after a certain amount of time...this would be an inconvenience but do you want your guns or not...Compromise

Those with a cannabis card should be allowed a gun permit...Adults over 21 are still allowed even though alcohol is a lot worse for impairment

I would like to propose taking voting rights away from Congress and giving it to the people. Congress would present the facts, argue for or against the vote, try to convince the American people. They have proven they are incapable of doing the job at hand.

Congress is pointless, useless and they accomplish nothing in a timely manner. They use the vote as a leveraging tool... should I go on?

When running a company one way to bring the price down is by eliminating the middle man. This, in turn, would work the same way but also eliminate influence by lobbyists. By eliminating the costs companies spend on lobbying one way they would be able to use that money which they would spend on lobbying and pay their fair share of taxes without feeling a hit.


no federal tax on small businesses up to a certain size of employees (mom and pop shops) but at the same time not receive any benefits from the government.

We must decide as a nation how far and what jobs will automation eliminate. Because just about every job current can eventually be eliminated. Problem with that will be people no longer have the capital to spend on what machines create.

Automation drives prices down but handmade goods will increase in value, depending on product...look at Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc...paintings, watches, etc...Quality verse quantity

Automation makes one compete for the lowest price let me say that again automation makes one compete for the lowest price not a better product but a cheaper product...

Greed = Evil

I am not suggesting eliminating meat entirely but I am for bringing back the butcher turning meat into a luxury type item

A butcher would buy meat from local farms

bringing profit back to the small farmer

grass fed animals

basically, the better and healthier an animal is raised...would increase the amount one is able to charge.

Back in the day in order for one to eat meat you had to track, hunt, kill, prepare or preserve, etc...basically an all day job just for the ability to have meat products

Big difference tastes wise and nutrition wise between grass fed, outside daily vs factory farmed antibiotic injected animals.

Long term projects

I would like to simplify the Federal tax code,(have a vote on eliminations and keepers) cannot eliminate it because we have military protection

Revote on state taxes per each tax and give the people a choice of what and how high state taxes would be based on what they would like covered

I would like to at least start the conversation on relocating people based on the cost of living but still have work opportunities...this I would need corporations to work with the government and vice versa. Also, a way to help solve poverty.

We must all learn to work with each other and not against, the same way we must work with nature and not against. Nature has the ability to fix itself just like AI but we must provide the tools

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