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Thinking Out Loud to Kasia

I don't know if you can see this Kasia but I can only hope your Spirit can. I miss you, I know I just saw you but I didn't know or expect for it to be the last time I would hear your voice. I'm trying to understand your reasoning for doing what you did but I can not. You know every situation has a solution, that's what is so hard to accept your rash yet decisive decision. You surprised not only me but everyone. I never knew or read the signs that it was so hard for you and this I apologize for. We were so close even though you never believed my fantasies and became worried about me which is why I stopped trying to convince you... Knowing the fact that you would see all my flaws and knew so much about me... This is what makes it so hard for me to forgive myself for not noticing your cries. I'll miss you always and we made one heck of a team together. You know everything happens for a reason so I can only hope that one day I can see some light through this tragedy.

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