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Thinking Out Loud 10 Some thoughts

A couple days ago I saw a headline stating that Apple scrapped a CB radio option from the iPhone. What a shame because in my opinion that would be awesome. Not necessarily iPhone to iPhone but iPhone to iWatch. What kid would not like to talk to there wrist like a secret agent or OO7.

The main reason parents buy kids phones are so they can contact them. This would prevent phone addiction at least till they are teenagers.

(but would need the range of a phone)

You would need the service providers to offer a plan at fraction of cost only allowing calling option

or Just make an iWatch phone feature but you would talk to it like a CB (probably better option)


have 1 wireless headphone for the speaker and talk to the wrist (more James Bond like)

adult use... can be used at work as well, endless options

Let shit go...

Don't make the same mistake twice!


no federal tax on small businesses up to a certain amount earned or # of employees? (mom and pop shops) but at the same time not receive any benefits or incentives from the government.

We must decide as a nation how far and what jobs will automation eliminate. Because just about every job current can eventually be eliminated. Problem with that will be people no longer have the capital to spend on what machines create.

I don't think automation is suppose to replace us...... AI is suppose help, not eliminate...or at least to a point. That point should be discussed and voted on.

Automation drives prices down but handmade goods will increase in value, depending on product...look at Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc...paintings, watches, etc...Quality over quantity...although many high end items are turning to automation as well...

Limited editions should be handmade with quality the US

Automation makes one compete for the lowest price and not for a better product but instead a cheaper product...

Careful how large you scale...the bigger you are the harder you fall.

Greed = Evil

Crony Capitalism=Greed=Evil

I am not for eliminating meat entirely but I am for bringing back the butcher making meat into a luxury item

A butcher would buy meat from local farms

bringing profit back to the small farmer...keep price fair but profitable

grass fed animals

basically, the better and healthier an animal is raised...would increase the amount one is able to charge.

Back in the day, in order for one to eat meat you had to track, hunt, kill, prepare or preserve, etc...basically an all day job with chances of coming up empty

There are Differences in taste and nutrition...between grass fed, outside daily vs factory farmed antibiotic injected animals.

Self sustained gardening

The difference between work cities and ghetto is all jobs are by the people in the neighborhood for those same people and one has to be member of work city control your own environment instead of someone to blame...

Reasonable quotas would need to be met

They control own environment.

Hustle but not rush

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