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Some random thoughts of mine

The only way that I see fighting poverty in the states and abroad would be to return to hand made or only machine assisted. Once people have no more work, they cannot afford to buy your things, to pay for housing, or for you to make name just a few downsides. Automation might be profitable right now but eventually it will stop unless people have a way to earn. So unless you create new work for the old(now replaced with automation) your setting yourself up for eventual bankruptcy

My rant on audio books and text in general and some subtitles

I currently have Nystagmus (Involuntary eye movement) which makes it difficult for me to read some text (when small or to close together) so reading books is basically out of the question. Even regular computer text causes problems when not broken into paragraphs

Listening to an audio book tends to make my brain often wander into a different thought

One way I'd be able to combat this is if the page being read by the author in an audio book would also be displayed and... as the author speaks the is also highlighted.

Does anyone have this option? I know Zoomtext has a similar option but they are a third party

as the actor speaks the word is highlighted,.would be a nice feature in subtitles (this seems nice to me because of my nystagmus... and as long as it takes me to focus on the word)...this would definitely help folks who are learning English or any other language.or poor vision and other disabilities. Being able to adjust size of subtitles would be another benefit...simply improving timing would be great...

Why aren't more veterans entering border patrol after they serve. I would think that they would have a shorter learning curve because of some similarities?

Pay for college sports

Just one idea...Pay for college tuition & everyday items they would use for year on team...basically make there college experience free, for the year all expenses paid, food, clothes, condoms as well ,,,not everyone has a scholarship...this would keep it amateur and help parents & students cost.

Food Waste

If I'm not mistaken...certain fast food restaurants toss perfectly good food over a certain set time. Why don't they sell it at a huge discount? Wouldn't it be better to get a quarter for the item instead of nothing, but raising prices for profit to make up for what they just tossed. Didn't they just waste the water used earlier with a bunch of other ingredients, food that fed the animals used, etc....or donate them to a dog pound or sell them to dog owners.

Grocery stores all the time toss expired food, I heard that the expiration is actually a freshness stamp, not safety...Why don't they sell instead of toss? Selling at a huge discount rather then tossing it in the garbage would provide them extra profits instead of raising prices.

Donuts shops

Heard they also toss donuts after a set time...If I am dunking my donut in coffee or milk, I wouldn't necessarily need a fresh one and might prefer a more stale type. or donate them...I believe you can re soften them but don't quote me on that.

I get that it is an image thing but I thought your main purpose was to maximize profits. Instead they could just raise will pay them anyways but complain just for a short amount of time.

There should be somekind of incentive for donating foods... if there isn't.

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