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Thinking Out Loud 19

I think to be on the safe side of the diet one eats, balanced is your best bet w/ exercise

Plant vs Carnivore most likely depends on the person...everyone is different...Just like everyone has different allergies

Eating healthy either way is safest, use common sense and try both out to see what works for you.

An obese person will probably benefit from plant based at first and then would probably benefit from introducing more meat into the diet.or not? (just an opinion)

Honestly if your not a bodybuilder, other athlete, have allergies or other medical needs I do not think you have to concern yourself with necessarily a specific type of diet. Just stay away from junk, processed foods and then add exercise. Buy organic if you can afford it and quality grass fed meats and you will be fine, probably skip a meal as well.


I think the words climate change have been mentioned too many times...that they have become too sexy or not sexy enough,... for people to take them seriously...Plus climate change is a normal process so you have that added disadvantage to the words....should be something like climate extremes?...of course there is global excuse this rant.

One of the hardest things for me to do, which I always have to work on is...letting things go...Not only including recent stuff but even something I did a week, month sometimes year ago are still on my mind... for making that flaw. I know you should move on and I try...It's just a constant struggle for me to get over stuff, mistakes, even if they are only in my eyes..

I'm really having trouble understanding why 5G has to be wireless besides for the military and surveillance. All the info I always hear is how dangerous 5G wireless is, and the only argument I hear is I'll be able to control my appliances and download movies long as I'll be able to do that,... well, I'll be set.(sarcastic)

Seriously what do you need 5G for that you can't live w/4G wireless and plug the phone in for 5G. I would think they wouldn't have the same obstacles wired and they would make more money doing custom 5G wiring in the home, work, fast food joints anywhere you would want a 5G hub...Besides with the uncertainty of work being available due to AI, in the future majority won't be able to afford anything 5G capable anyways.(sarcastic or not?)

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