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Thinking Out Loud 25

I'm not sure if this can already be done but...I think TV manufacturers should work with VR...the image displayed on TV could be mirrored on the VR and instead of watching TV...the person is immersed in viewing the image and nothing having there own movie theater., but would be able to plug in headphones also or better yet a true surround can have 3D in the VR headset (by flipping a switch)rather then having partial experience viewing on a 65" TV..I think that would be the way to get 3D to shine... but multiple headsets would need to be plugged in..I'm not comfortable saying wireless because of safety concerns...

Recently I saw an ad for a voice translator ( think it would be cool to incorporate it into phones...where you would automatically hear the translation in your language on your phone and it would automatically translate you back in there language on there phone...

This could also be incorporated into TV sets...not just for those who can easier understand the language...but...also to those learning a new language...I

You can offer the best education system but if the child is not getting the love and attention at home within the will struggle...then also while in complete the cycle...

I think parole should include the family. (in anonymous way but known)..if they would want to be included or they could opt out... and only released if the family decides for it to go forth...

...The main reason you have no jobs may seem that it is only due to work being sent overseas for lower wages but the real culprits driving or forcing companies to make higher profits and take your jobs away...are... shareholders and greed

When one hunts...god in a way is playing a game with you and the animal you are comes down to...following your instinct...who can figure it out first

Humans are only enhancing global warming/climate change but 100% responsible for preventing the earth from fixing itself by polluting the air, water...mining all the minerals out of the ground, fills...burning forests down and interrupting the eco system, etc...

I'm wondering if Hemp or Cannabis leaves and stalk would make good soil compost to revitalize some of our destroyed soils...or...if it would help boost the plants natural pest repellents...if used as a compost?

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