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Thinking Out Loud 27

Humans compared to plants my translation...

It's said that plants don't have brains but they follow there instinct...

It's said that we humans have essentially two brains...the one in our head and one in our gut...

We humans communicate mainly with our mouths

We humans eat with our mouths

Our gut turns food into fuel

Plants communicate with there roots

Plants eat with there roots

the tips of the roots can be translated as the mouth

The bulb where the roots come out on one end...and...the plant body on the other end could be considered the same as our guts?...Acting as the plants brain

Since life is all connected...we humans for some reason don't believe we are part of the eco system...Is life still life if not created naturally?...meaning if life is created and edited to have all natural flaws removed and considered the perfect creation...what then if not created naturally?

Would it be better to create naturally but repair afterwards?...and...What do you repair...What do you leave alone?...

Capitalism can DESTROY the world but it can also SAVE the world!

Those that like to blame the devil for all problems...

Oil comes out of the ground...In translation... it comes directly from the devils home

Could the lost cities in the ocean be from previous global warming?

Could previous civilizations have been wiped out by previous global warming?

Does an ice age scenario follow global warming?

As we can see the earth always coming back stronger as if downloading an update

The difference between then and know...before the earth was virtually untouched, no fossil fuels to pollute, all minerals still feeding the earth, clean air and waters. I and others have said before ...everything is interconnected, therefore the earth can rebuild or repair itself .

The earth has billions of years of experience of repairing and correcting itself but without the tools necessary...

Are we paving the road to the end of our civilization?

With signs of being bombarded with asteroids/comets in the past, the moon could verify my belief...being that oil was in the earth to prevent damage from impact...if the moon has oil under it's surface it it's sandy surface might be it's obvious explanation..even if no oil is common sense will still fuel my belief

We might have been setting ourselves up for extinction by being tricked by happily extracting oil out of the ground... never realizing the consequences we may face.

Might have the beliefs of past civilizations/legends of being attacked by gods simply be a type of natural disaster...?


were they ET's...?

I feel it's not flying cars that humanity will be driving in the future but drones...(might only be for the wealthy as you might not want cheap drones)...

to control traffic, order, safety...basically a single level or bi level (a expressway level) or tri level or bi lane for emergency drones, street system in the air...

they will probably be controlled with autonomous driving only and could have a fifth propeller added to the center for safety... in case one or two other propellers fail while in the air.

Probably should be a single system software...

in all honesty I think the only way you could fully trust, an eyes off the road type autonomous vehicle is with a drone, fully controlled by a single manual driving pedestrians or kids, animals...only birds...

with the drones/software able to speak between vehicles to avoid accidents and ability to be self aware of area/space

Multi Level Parking garages... fully controlling drone... specifically built for drones with identical standards or minimal dimensions..

Driver ability to change directions or destination by typing instructions on keypad or touch screen and voice control... allowing drone/vehicle to take full control to fly to destination without needing to manually take control

Fully autonomous... above street ability to communicate between software, always aware of space...speed control... no traffic traffic...rechargeable, so you never run out of speeding drunk accidents...leave the streets for manual driving and eye's on the road autonomous...

Jetson's here we come!...

...Slow down George!...

My one concern is weather, specifically heavy storms, lightning, high winds and icing in some areas...

I'm not concerned about visibility but because we are below the clouds I',m worried about constant GPS

Perhaps we should have a weather service working alongside a group of individuals controlling when in the sky and when not...

I feel to teach kids compassion ,one must teach them to help others, animals or/and a cause... while communicating with them all aspects of the situation... having an actual discussion?

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