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About Me


My name is Grzegorz (Greg, Grzesiu, GW...aka...GUU) Łukasz (Lukas) Wajs and born in 1976 ...38 in the picture.

It all started when I was 16...I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer. To make a long story short...I was successfully treated with both Chemo and Radiation.


Doctors believe the radiation caused a cavernous malformation to form in the brain cell which ended up bleeding. It will have to be monitored as removing it surgically is supposedly too risky to even chance it.  That's the story I've been told therefore I wrote it...My memory tells me a different tale...One of ownership...Could I have destroyed myself in order to...rebuild myself...a different person...?...


At age 24 I had suffered a Hemorrhagic Brain Stem stroke. After a few days went by and I was still in a coma, Doctors called a meeting with my family trying to convince them to shut off life support. They tried convincing them that I would be a vegetable at best, that people who have this type of stroke typically don't survive. Luckily my parents refused to listen...I awoke a few days later. In a locked-in state.


I was shocked, to say the least. I was no longer able to move a single muscle besides the ability to blink my right eye (my only way of communication for awhile). I lost the ability to speak, ability to swallow, I lost about 3 quarters of 

my hearing, my ability to breathe on my own, every physical ability was top things off I know had

nystagmus (involuntary constant eye movement) and somehow I wind up with a scratched cornea. As well as a host of other problems. With all that said, that's only the physical aspect, my  mental toughness was yet to be challenged. .I went through Depression a few times. I have had to battle through old and new anxiety. Not to mention I am trying to do this without or  with a minimum amount of assistance through prescription drugs.


The first 13 years were filled with ER visits, hospital stays, antibiotics, IV's,  fevers, the list goes on...


For some reason after 13 years all that stuff suddenly disappeared.......(knock on wood)


I have been at this for about 18 years years...not a year or two, so I've gotten to know my body pretty well. Picking up few things along my journey and figuring out what is working for me and got quite lucky also. Ever since my recovery has suddenly shifted in a fast forward motion (almost too good to be true) . But it is Hope that got me this far. It was all done with my natural ability, my instinct to survive and a little luck that fell my way later on.


Learn to appreciate the little and subtle improvements. Those improvements will come, just not on their own.





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