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Personal Notes .




Onion Skins- boiled 15min, cool, drink - noticed  an odor in my urine throughout the day and I urinate more frequently





cannabis infused coconut oil- more mellow high for me, Friendlier cooperation with my muscles in cbd form.


Vaporizing- more instantaneous, quick relief,  more of a head high for me,  I feel as if vaporizing in addition to cannabis-infused coconut oil works best for my mental issues   Can induce deep positive thinking for me. It usually paints a very colorful and positive picture of whatever I am thinking about. 

cco = cannabis infused coconut oil

 Herbs and Superfoods I have used    


-Gotu Kola






-goji berry


-Bee Pollen

-Rhodiola Rosa

-Dietary Frankincense-

-Pine Pollen

-Manuka Honey

Aloe Vera Gel Juice





Beat Juice



Jackfruit seeds - edible- boil



Avocado seeds- edible -  Dehydrate..Remove the skin... .grate... blend in a  ?






Cannabis (the cannabinoids) seems to complete the connections in my brain that I normally do not have or are normally incomplete... Temporarily showing me the potential of my brain if it were 100% healthy.

Different strains make different connections.

Some strains seem to have no effect. 

Cannabinoids (in small amounts) also can and have made physical movements easier, stronger, flow smoothly (not all strains) But generally, less is more in my case.

Cannabinoids (in larger quantities) make my paralyzed muscles feel heavier as if weights were added but also give the impression that the gains are quicker when returning to a smaller amount.

Having too high of a dose can slow me down mentally but at the same time make my mind more curious and dig deeper.

Strains that work for  me ideally mentally do not necessarily work well physically for exercise. off my paralyzed muscles.


When my body temp drops, the room and I get cooler as I exert myself and then the room and I get warmer as I cool down. I stay cool sometimes cold throughout.


Lately, this happens less often.



I feel that vaporizing is more for any mental issues I might have and the cco is better suited for my weak muscles 


But it has convinced me that cco is the better alternative for medicating overall for my needs and that vaporizing provides instant relief or additional relief and will only medicate me so much muscle wise. 














Dry Mouth - Minimum

Redheaded Stranger
Pupdwag Dreamz
Grand Doggy Purps
Laverne & Shirley

I have had the same strain...but a different batch... with the different effects. - So keep this in mind.

Papaya juice has an enzyme that helps produce Saliva


 = Creative Thinking



Sky Walker


notably happy in a good mood positive

My Benefits from Cannabis   -this list could grow as my memory and realization continues to get better

Pain management

Stronger paralyzed muscles

extreme dry mouth -manageable

Mental issues are repairing -manageable

It relaxes me from my anxiety


It gives me an uplifted feeling about myself and what I am capable of

Certain strains give me more energy and strength

Extra strength of my voice

Certain strains make me feel brighter, sharper, focused, 

Certain Strains Helps me concentrate

Certain strains have me feeling full of confidence (many times feeling overconfident)

Can be Easier to talk to others (speaking to others is a difficult task for me)

Certain strains slow down my Nystagmus and Certain strains speed up my Nystagmus - being monitored

Makes my personality mellow when I should be frustrated or angry

Helps me think positively when it's difficult for me to be positive

Many more benefits that I can't link directly but Cannabis was heavily used at the time

Certain strains help my bowel movements in cco form

Certain strains Helped me stretch out when my muscles were really tight

Made my muscle cramps go away

it's improving my memory... well kinda,...let me explain...A combination of certain cannabis strains..cause to remember...the things I've thought about when at that heightened level previously...I will not remember till at that state or higher. My memory overall is better at the time

Different Strains make my paralyzed muscles appear heavier or lighter. Meaning one type of strain might make my right leg feel very light and nimble making a drastic improvement in my walking ability. Another Strain will make it very heavy and difficult to move forward or lift up. Another comparison would be one day it feells like I have a 10 lb bag of potatoes tied to it and a different Strain will feel as if I have a 50lb bag tied.






I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Side Effects

Dry Mouth

Dry Eyes


Dizziness for me, I think it's mainly from my Nystagmus


Sleepy when I don't want to be

Heavy eyelids

Head/Neck Twiches 

Cold Body Temperatures





CBD strains, in general, help me in being positive toned but do not necessarily paint me a positive picture forward.

Indica strains seem to affect my creative side more (THC strains overall).  When portraying the future (of my thought)  it always shows it in a very positive and colorful light 

I feel an elevated body high (sensations) only in my paralyzed and weakened muscles


A comparison of back then (when healthy) to now 


then- Hearing or listening to the radio

now-  Being at the live event



I also become very sensitive unlike before


 I'm able to accelerate my exercising physically and mentally.



I feel myself maturing, (brighter, quicker thinking, realizing/figuring things out quicker  )      w                                                 ,... I have trouble getting or thinking creatively using cbd alone.


the benefits I feel with cbd and thc combo strains are similar to what I feel with thc strains 



I don't vaporize flower form, I only infuse it in coconut oil, not never just when I medicate


 I use cbd daily, during the daytime and for my exercising... I use indica daily in the evenings... (I mix often with cbd)... also have infused indica for sleep,   indica strains are both infused and concentrate vaporized. 


All cbd strains have been purchased through my dispensary only


I feel my memory improving...Let me explain...The things I think about or of while elevated off a particular strain or strains...I will not remember until I am elevated at the same level or higher. My memory is improved then...


 At times old memories appear in my mind for no reason as nothing pertaining to them was I thinking about (I thought  I'd mention that)


cbd strains alone do not necessarily give me a positive outlook, on my own future. I just do not expect things to happen and lower my expectations 

were as

An indica strain will just about always paint me a very colorful, positive picture. It causes me to raise my expectations...often exaggerating in showing me the possible potential


At times when I talk to myself or when writing, new words will come to mind. These are words I do not normally use, at least not in the last 17 years. I kinda know the definition but not fully, however they just sound or imply that they should be used. After looking up the definition, the word is fitting.


I also consume herbs



When I began noticing these things about myself I  was taking 1 herb at a time in a rotation. When feelings became obvious to me is when I started a list of herbs



RULE TO FOLLOW: Always be honest but also use your Common Sense

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