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Takes about 30 sec to a minute to kick in


Body Temp- Warmish Room/ Coolish Room- nothing prior that day and minimum exercise




Anxiety Friendly-No worries and no memory concerns


Calming mood


Just chill watching History Channel or listen to some tunes 

At higher doses, it's Cerebral Thinking for me and then I can control my own mood 



and then it's a whole different story

right away notice I am very confident


I become Happy not that I was  in a bad mood, just different


I become sure of myself (I like the attitude I developed)


Anxiety friendly- All problems or concerns are viewed in a positive way


I'm definitely in a social mood


This Strain will suRE change my mood when down


Has become a favorite of mine because of how Happy  it gets me, the attitude it gives me, how everything has a positive spin, 


Dry Mouth


No Muscle tension 










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