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Bio Jesus

Body Temp- Room






Relaxed- Very

     The Body High I feel in my weekend muscles just adds to the whole experience




My eyes feel as if they want to rest but my body feels like it wants to get up and go.


Anxiety Friendly 

Nice end of day strain because of how relaxed it makes me

Makes my eyes feel hefty and warm


I would probably only use this strain in the evenings because of how my eyes feel. 


Dry Mouth


Except for the dry mouth, this is one of my favorites


This batch moments of dry and moist facial muscles...

when moist...

easier to move weak muscles, you feel them  very differently than when dry...kind of like slow motion

easier  to swallow

mouth is moist but not drooling

throat and voicebox stay moist throughout exercises

my entire body gets moist but the body high I feel in my paralyzed mucles just adds to the whole experience









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