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It was physically easier for me, using Black Market cannabis. This was mainly noticeable in my walking. My leg would not participate.




I found a remedy for this by simply combining multiple strains- they can all be bad (for exercise) individually but when you combine 4 or 5 different strains together they begin to work. It's not always perfect but usually an improvement.


Or you can just deal with it and it will eventually play along when your muscles get stronger


As my muscles get stronger, this will be less of an issue, I assume.


By adjusting the intake I was able to resolve the issue somewhat, kind of.


I just deal with whatever gets dished out. I don't bother with dosages. I mention them because thats how I started in the begining but when I figured things out and how...I stopped worrying about dosages...simply because I can't die if I overdose. If I feel I over medicated, then next time I'lll take a little less



I found I have improved success. When I infuse coconut oil with cannabis and inject it through my g-tube as opposed to vaporizing herb Also saw an improvement with canna milk (which is also easy to make) but read that coconut oil is better

1. the Cannabis effects seem to last longer because i know feel the added journey on up to its peak as opposed to vaporizing where i feel the peak then downward after that.- 

2. The effects are more directed toward my body as opposed my head. My opinion only

3. With a G-tube, consuming it is easy- make sure to flush well or it will clog up


It's a little tricky to nail down the correct dosage.

The difference in the way the body highs or sensation feel to me - coconut oil, the body sensations feel more from the inside out as opposed to vaporizing which I feel more in the flesh . This is a very subtle difference perhaps because you feel the sensations getting stronger with the coconut oil as opposed to feeling the  effects instantaneously if vaporizing


Of course, you can blend other edibles for the same effects but it is a lot easier to keep track of dosages and allows me to be able to dosage. You don't taste anything through the g-tube so it doesn't have to taste good.



I would say that vaporizing herb is more beneficial for my anxiety because it's instantaneous


Injecting the coconut oil is more beneficial for my physical needs. 


But either one will works just fine it's just coconut oil will give you an advantage



I only use low dose(vaporized) when I practice my walking  and some arm exercises in the beginning. Once I am off my feet I do all other exercises at a higher dose (or what I consider a high dose in comparison).  I just deal with issues and work through them, so far that approach  seems to be working

I have since changed this routine a bit. I now take a CBD strain (infused cocunut oil) in the mornings and add a THC strain or strains (vaporized or infused cocunut oil or both)  when I begin mat work

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