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Thinking Out loud 5 homelessness

Never published this earlier

homelessness (just some ideas)

Need to find ways to deter drug dealers for the idea to work


Fence the entire city like a prison with guards at entrance and cameras around perimeter operated by veterans

develop security throughout... operated by veterans in exchange for housing, food, medical, transportation, spending cash

Just an idea

Relocate homeless

provide mental help, addiction recovery, counselors for other issues

have addiction and AA meetings every night, motivational speakers, build a community of people that want to help each other...I think when one who has suffered and finally sees some light wants to naturally help others...

have medical clinics for volunteers and students

have factories specifically for homeless (opportunities)

have community farming in the area which would create agriculture opportunities and additional employment

all food be provided by these farms or indoor farms and donations

preserve food to deal with off season

build mini-cities around these factories

provide transportation through self-driving electric vehicles

provide housing, food, medical, transportation within these cities in return these

employees would work for these benefits rather than provide a basic income

Basically, develop these self-sustaining cities operated by homeless

invest in renewable energy for these factories and cities

possibly have food kitchens prepare all meals for these communities 3x/day but have fruits and vegetables available at all times, eliminating the need for kitchens in housing

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