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Thinking Out Loud 7 Guns

Thoughts on guns... I agree with both sides.

First I agree with stricter gun laws. I do not understand the holdup. A must

Gun laws should be the same in all 50 states, no loopholes

There are too many guns in the U.S to worry about someone taking away your guns

Everyone should not be punished for the decisions of a few bad apples

A focus on mental health should be applied and closely monitored for the slightest signs of endangerment

When applying for a permit one should be required to undergo a physical mental evaluation at that time

" " " " be required to take a gun safety/proper use class

Upon every gun purchase, one should be required to undergo another physical mental evaluation if last evaluation was after a certain amount of time...this would be an

inconvenience...but do you want your guns or not...Compromise

Those with a cannabis card should be allowed a gun permit...Adults over 21 are still allowed even though alcohol is a lot worse for impairment

Waiting periods should not be rushed...the length of time should not matter for should take as long as it takes...patience...this should be a privilege even though its a right. Just because you have a right to bare arms safety should be the number one concern..

Possibly ban automatic assault weapons from general public?

Must be affiliated with the military, law enforcement or have special licensing to purchase and own an automatic assault weapon and conversion kits. This rule would apply to any weapon that is activated with an automatic trigger and conversion kits

Ban sales of automatic weapons at gun shows, must be purchased and sold through a dealership whether new or previously owned . Private sales would need to be done through a dealership

You do not need an automatic weapon for hunting or to protect your family. If you are a gun collector and want one to shoot at the range then you need to apply for special licensing.

If automatic weapon already must apply for special licensing

Yes I realize the bad guys won't apply

Possibility.(up for discussion)..weapons will require date of manufactured stamped on or at least year added to serial number...if that gun is used in a mass shooting or crime(person injured or killed)...gun manufacturer would be fined

weapons with serial number filed off...gun manufacturer would be fined if weapon used in mass shooting or crime(person injured or killed)

I'm having trouble envisioning any other way of ending illegal gun sales..enlighten me or inform me of loopholes and or ideas?

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