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Thinking Out Loud 8 wages

My thinking here is The more cash you have the more you spend without worry. A person is willing to take a risk because they have that security.

I am not looking at this increase as an increase in the minimum wage but as a living wage. Businesses did this to themselves by keeping wages low and raise increases low by hiring temp employees.

Proposal $15/hr with inflation (The equivalent per state)

must be over 18... want the focus to stay on school

must be a U.S.citizen or legal Alien

under 18 the current wage would stay with the addition of the increase in inflation

work, housing, etc...

offer a choice

the self-sustained idea

basically, you work in exchange for food, shelter, medical in a self-sustained type area

$30? w/inflation for example would be the daily income? 8 hr shifts/ 5 days 40 total hrs...beyond 40 will be $40 beyond 50 hrs will be $50 ?

food would be self farmed/self employed, meat could be bought by money earned

(the same idea without additional income can be used for migrants)

12 year? commitment before you could apply for legal status or

or (if in country illegally you will have to reenter legally for path to citizenship)

once legal status granted they would have option to move out of city

Can return to ones own country at anytime but if return your 12 year? cycle would renew

migrants would need to be screened and be deported

no cars would be needed as autonomous transportation would be incorporated

We would have to vote on states where these work cities would be setup

These would be monitored by vets

medical would be in a site clinic with volunteers unless emergency

Costs acquired would be needed to be worked medical bills, benefits...etc

One could in a creative way ,the idea mentioned above, turn it into a way for certain products or ?, to be low cost.

similar idea to battle homelessness

after commitment one would choose one of the options

If in the United States on a visa you would be able to work as long as the visa is not expired. At present at time minimum wage.

and then

15/hour + an additional universal basic income.

food, shelter, medical your responsibility

Vote on city designated to where people refuse to work basically want to continue life of crime, drugs and poverty.Basically like living in a prison or communist state . Cannot change someone who refuses to change themselves.

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