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Thinking Out Loud 9 Schooling

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

---original post



These are ideas and a wish list to grow with new thoughts

I would include and start with the teachers and parents as well as student input on

changes they would want to see and then go from there

A focus on the Arts should be brought back

Art clubs after school - longer than 1 hour - transportation

Focus on

Teamwork, Problem Solving would be focused on.

History would be of focus

with current political pertains

Improve the Nutrition of lunch

Look into the self sustained idea for partial supplementation

Look into the possibility of having a greenhouse on rooftops and incorporating garden classes.

Discuss and implement with educators about ways to bring fun and discovery into classrooms and learning material

make school fun and not a chore where kids will want to attend instead of wishing for days off.

to serve on the school board you must have child present in that school system

Ideas-wish list

possibly change from 9 months of school with 3 months off to a yearly curriculum with the breaks spread through out the year

Discuss possibility of tablets that can only be implemented with only school material

in exchange of textbooks

could be used for audio books




note taking?

music and games would not be downloadable to these tablets


certain approved apps only would be downloadable

Discuss ways tablets would work in low class situations theft, internet access

look into cost of tablets and updating software to physically buying new editions of books at time of release for entire public school system

with tablets...days missed and staying up to date could be solved

(minor) implement tech departments in schools to handle shipment, distribution, minor repairs, replacements

a warranted or continues program for updated physical tablets when needed to function with current software

Possibly recycle old tablets into new if cost effective

Students could earn (to pay for there iPad replacements) by performing grounds work, etc...?

Automatic uploads to back up cloud when ever being charged

Possibly implement a uniform for all students through out country?

Increase vet presence in and around schools

A long shortlist but achievable if funds would be used correctly and creatively

Look into at home schooling

kids would stay at home most likely would only be for 7-12

VR headsets would only have ability for schoolwork, documentaries

Wear a VR headset for live schooling instead of sitting in a classroom

With a combo of AI and Surveillance possibilities along with headsets, attendance could be monitored like being live in a classroom

Safety concerns could also be monitored

sound proof headphones with microphone attached for communication with teacher and other students in classroom...Sensors on ear pads to make sure both ear pads are on the head and worn correctly

VR headset would somehow verify student is actually present, face, eye verification along with heart sensor, ?

teachers would be in offices instead of school, chalkboards and all

teacher would have a board showing which students are present

Green light for question, hand raise

possible way to eliminate or lower school tax (no promises this idea could be made to work, many considerations and solutions would need to be made)


Classes that would require hands on work?

Sports/participation in events?

If this would work it would eliminate or redesign schools for sports practice and arts and events

This idea could eliminate lunch time food requirement

K-3?4?5?6? would not be included and would still need traditional school

Middle school and high school more likely

would make school a lot more interesting and always up to date

Possible example

VR schooling 7-12 pm? 1 pm?

then bus pickup for hands on classes, tests - practices 1 or 2 pm - 5? 6? pm


tests might be taken with VR, sound proof headphones, sensors, speech... upon completion tests would be uploaded automatically.

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