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Some thoughts on church, abortion + other

Debit card charges...just a vent

should be...

days payments are pending for the day

payments by default go through by 12 am

customer at end of day would view pending charges / customer could mark suspicious charge...that charge would be canceled (or fraud department contacts customer and then customer logs on and can confirm one way or another)..all future charges to that firm? would automatically be canceled

You would not need to cancel and close entire account and then wait for a new debit card...I'm probably missing something.

Church my way..

Nothing wrong with church every Sunday...

open 24/7 or at least 5-10

lights off during daytime...candles available

lights dim in evening...candles available

people can come and just sit and pray,,meditate, people watch, kneel, light a candle, etc...

before work, after work, lunchtime, once a week, twice, everyday or whenever they would want or feel a need

I would only have mass on major holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc...

Nothing wrong with church the way it is but instead of relaxing and recharging on Sun. there day is hectic.

Get rid of confession...pointless, you must make peace with God not a priest who probably has his own sins.


God gave everyone the ability of choice

3/4 of country cannot even follow his one and only rule which is...Always choose good over evil.

A woman has a choice, she has to live with her choice, she is the one who has to make peace with God

From my understanding God punishes some people by preventing them the ability to have other kids.


We have doctors that can often reverse non pregnancy (so you are barking up the wrong tree)

Doctors make recommendations as they did with me but my parents chose to disagree

If one has an abortion I'm positive God prefers a clean safe practice

Some just do not understand that having a child is a huge responsibility and is often not thought about before hand

Men have to take responsibility as well as they are the one putting woman into these life choices and then its often man deciding what woman can and cannot. Taking choice away from them and playing God themselves.

I think it is a better idea to focus on education, sex ed

Just curious how many non abortion believers feel about... that at least a third of those aborted babies would be born gay...or do you not believe in that as well?

Gays, Lesbians, Transgender...etc

Those against...what sick cult do you believe in

You do not have to agree with do not even have to like one is telling you to invite them over to Sunday dinner

Just ignore them if they bother you so much but do not publicly shame them or put hate on them.

How could you claim to believe in life but not if they are different

Yes it takes a man and woman to make a child but not a family....divorce is one example of hypocrisy

Technically God is neither man or woman

You can call God he, she or it...he will not get upset whatever he is in your eyes

If you are born straight you will remain straight, you might dabble in bi but you will remain straight

If you are born gay you will remain gay, you might dabble in bi but you will remain gay

If anyone is curious Gays and Lesbians are natures way of solving over population

if you do not want to bake a cake for a gay shouldn't have's your lost revenue and your company. Karma can be a pain though

If you are a gay couple just go somewhere else that will gladly accept your money and the marketing that comes along with it,

Why force someone to do something they don't want to. WHY FORCE SOMEONE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY...what are you trying to prove?

Remember God gave everyone the ability to choose!

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