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I keep hearing how tariffs will affect consumers. If a company really cares about customers and being affected by tariffs still cares about it's products...then why do they not lower the prices to make up the difference and lower its profits while tariffs are hurting them(this is of course if tariffs aren't permanent). Instead they raise prices and act as they are being so hurt. Why are they so Greedy instead of lowering the price and suck up the difference, then raise prices back up when tariffs are taken off. Only makes sense to me...that 's probably why I'm not a businessman.

I watched a documentary yesterday, it made me shake my head. Here we have a company...I guess they where bought out by China...this is the strange part-The company brought a bunch of Chinese workers from China taking the place of American workers, had portraits of Chinese communist political leaders on the walls, had a Chinese flag displayed on the wall (to be fair it was next to an american flag), .. And our leaders are complaining about migrants from down south...Seriously America...

I believe when one commits suicide or is killed before he or she makes peace with God. I believe your spirit stays on earth. I don't believe in hell or the devil but I believe in evil. Our minds can be evil if not controlled. These spirits latch onto a person who is down, depressed, addicted, evil thinking, etc... Many people for instance believe Hitler is still around...although I believe he is dead, his Spirit is still around in someone. That's why certain people claim they see ghosts or people keep falling off the bandwagon. Some people can quit cold turkey for instance while others have trouble. You might have good intentions but it's like a voice keeps pulling you down. Once you kill yourself the feeling you have right before pulling the trigger will stay with you your entire afterlife...?...

Earth=hell...can be

Automation largely should be used in space in my opinion.

using men in spacesuits for construction would be very inefficient

Just because Elon says he can get you in space in like a few years does not mean you will have a 5 star resort waiting for you

Does everyone believe they are going to survive traveling in space on a ship like in Star Trek. Who will decide what planet, land on planet will belong to?

A few large obstacles to overcome first like oxygen, water, etc...

We barely seem to have enough water here on earth...should be #1 problem to solve...fresh water to be exact.

First the wealthy have to decide if they are serious about this space idea because it does not seem like it with as much as they are spending on wars.

While doing rehab today a few questions came to mind

Actually I probably shouldn't get into them without thinking them through, as to not start conspiracy stories...but things that make you go

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