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Taking a knee!

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Some folks can't and will never understand HOPE and what it means to give yourself the possibility of a future. Just because they don't believe in the hope you give can't wake up from your dream.

Could someone please explain to me why kneeling for the flag is so horrendous. I am not trying to be a smart ass...I just truly do not understand. In my opinion it takes more effort to kneel than to stand. The reason folks in the stands stand up is they have no room to kneel. I would think that kneeling is the ultimate sign of respect...Out of curiosity how many folks stand up for the anthem while watching the game at home (besides a few veterans)?

I think having the entire team, coaches and all taking a knee during the anthem and the crowd standing with hand over heart would be as if you are honoring the flag and respecting god to watch your backs at the same time...Perhaps I am missing something, so please point it out to me...It's a shame our current leadership sees things differently.

(forgot not everyone accepts god)

A few days ago I had mentioned that I thought Hitler was dead...That was only a guess on my part...Honestly I have no idea, I have no facts to back anything up. Just wanted to clear that up.

My take on ET's

I don't know if they exist, probably, would need to see actual proof (perhaps like the earth's wonders...?...)...if out there. I do however believe that they are the species to replace us, after we end our existence. I do not believe that they will we ever attack us...I believe that there brains are corrected from the flaws we have which cause us to become evil. There brains most likely will not think but work by instinct and the ability to figure things out. The fact that they will rely on instinct like all other life probably explains all these sightings especially recent ones, since they are most likely sensing our demise.

Has anyone ever wondered why the earth was filled with oil? What if it was actually in the ground to help with shock absorption? earthquakes, originally when the mountains where formed, the comet that wiped out the dinosaur age? Wouldn't fracking make the top surface more brittle?...Isn't there a comet due to hit earth in a few years? Just a few questions..In reality I like you don't know.

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