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Thinking Out Loud (technically 16)

Does 5G have to be wireless? Cell phones would still be able to use it but you would need to plug it in to a hub at like Starbucks, McDonald's, anywhere but would need to be plugged in in order to use. Otherwise when unplugged it would still be 4G or 5G Lite if that is as safe as 4G?

Everyone seems in favor of breaking up the big Tech Companies but wouldn't that in theory be like multiplying the problem? Perhaps it would be smarter to put up safeguards, regulations to deal with the problems and prevent them from happening in the first place?

Just a question to stir the mind...but why does meat have to be for the masses? Why not have it as an incentive by making it a luxury item? And bring profits back to the small farmer!

As a nation we have to seriously consider our future because if we keep heading in our current direction the only option people will have left is slavery . No one is going to receive something for nothing...things just do not work that way, no matter what democrats try to convince you of.

Keep fighting with each other, expose your hate, have hate rallies...focus on your anger as the current leadership wants you to do more and more...but then do not complain when shit really hits the fan as if things aren't bad enough already. Perhaps they are not?

Keep lying to yourselves that they will bring you hope

How long does it take to get something done with our current political system?

It's like the third year in a four year term and already they are holding solutions hostage, already the current president is holding rallies for his next term And in the mean time he is more worried about an attack in Saudi instead of doing anything at home. Do you people not see this?

I'm tired of saying this but wake the #### up. Seriously!

As time goes by you need to adjust...what worked 50 years ago will not work today

What made America great before was figured out.

I don't know how our current traffic lights are set but if we set them with AI, the posted speed limits, no one rushed and drove the speed limits and no one cut anyone off...their would be no traffic...besides perhaps construction.

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