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Thinking Out Loud 17

My opinion on surveillance is if a crime at stake then it's acceptable...that's where it becomes a gray area as well. When does a crime become a crime? Asking that question, everyone becomes a criminal till they actually are involved in the crime.

If mass surveillance is used then it's only fair to include mass safety as in preventing domestic violence, elderly or emergency assistance, etc...essentially a 911... With AI this should be possible?

The two could coexist if run by the right people!

With alcohol free beer being available...Could they not come up with hard liquor with a fraction of the proof(like 1/3) but taste the same as regular proof? Wouldn't they technically sell more if someone still desired the same effect?

Yes addiction is a disease but only if you make it your disease.

Getting tricked into addiction through opiods is a different story but even then do you really need that opiod?

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