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Thinking Out Loud 18

Without getting into details, I feel...Some do not help there cause by portraying something that many already fear. Not everyone has an open mind and you have to slowly crack it open.

Maybe it's me but (to be fair this could be totally misread)...Did anyone ever notice how China sells us automation but puts its people to work?

We might disagree with the leaders of China but you have to give credit to them for moving the country forward and not dwelling on the past...When America was Great it was in a time where we where going forward ourselves...then we started to slowly refocus on the past and everything started heading downwards

Notice how countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia, and now the U.S. are focusing on the past and are refusing to push ahead of there differences. Actually I would blame the U.S. and Russia of preventing other countries of moving past prior differences or mistakes they have done

One always has to move forward and adapt. The greed and cronyism that worked in the past will not work anymore. The same business practices must be adjusted One has to adjust to the times. Just like one has to keep learning to stay present. Imagine if our military did not push the boundaries of technology, think of the disadvantage we would be at.

What people are failing to understand on climate change is if we wait till we are %100 will be to late...Is it all man made, of course not...Is it enhanced, yes...Yes climate change has happened before...the earth is capable of repairing itself but we have mined many minerals out of the ground and replaced them with garbvage...We have polluted the oceans with plastics and oils...We have polluted the air...Etc....What is the earth suppose to repair itself with?,,,Ohh and we are polluting space before we arrive.

How is the Muslim hajib different then a christian veiling?

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