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Thinking Out Loud 20

I'm just writing an idea down while it is still fresh on my mind...

Let's say just for example...

Allow 50 visas per country per year

establish length of visas

when all 50 return at would get 51 with a possibility of 52 the following year, etc...

If 49 or less return at would get 49 or less...depending on returns...the following year

If a country has all visas return...they will automatically increase the amount of visas by one with possibility of two the following year.

Church idea

Have motivational speakers, life experiences, success stories, all gender spiritual talk, interviews, etc...speaking to crowds, families, couples, singles, friends, young & older, etc...

2nd idea

Instead of having tax exemption...take the money that would normally be tax exempt and use it for natural disaster relief

It would be like paying taxes but not...If a church is truly honest and about helping people...they would not have any issues with this idea and would or should view it as charity to help others.

I personally do not think prescription companies should be for profit and publicly traded companies. Over the counter is fine... but... prescription...? don't really have a choice...well u do but you don't.

If you want to use research as an excuse then be 100% transparent with costs

you can use the generic excuse but only if a generic version of every drug is available

Am I correct in assuming that indoor gardening does not use pesticides? hydroponics?

The energy source for indoor gardening could be solar on rooftops...wouldn't one be able to essentially grow everything with climate control and light technology?

With climate change and the threat of all icecaps melting and the oceans rising does it not make sense to build desalination water plants . With the water evaporating and ending droughts especially for farmlands and slowly refilling empty wells. farmers would also need to be creative in watering practices.

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