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Thinking Out Loud 21

With as far as synthetic turf technology has come...why don't we use it over the use of natural grass places like California, (even golf courses... it would eliminate many maintenance costs) which has frequent droughts or to add some color to our concrete consumed cities?

I believe it can be made to also be drain able so it could still be put over soil, etc...

This will be controversial but I feel that if prostitution where somehow legalized and safe it would cut down on cheating/divorce. I think most people do not start off thinking about developing a relationship...Communication with partner would be required to establish what would be allowed and what not. Of course it would require participant to follow rules.

This one might also be up for debate but I feel a president should not have a term...He or she should be allowed to be in power until the people vote him or her out. They should not be reelected for a certain amount of years (which could be wasteful) until end of term, if seeking change. Instead of having an election every 4 years...voters concerns and direction could be reinstated for example every 2-4 This would be a true democracy in my opinion.


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