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Thinking Out Loud 22

Self Driving Cars could solve Drunk driving one day.!

Just some ?'s. Could this be a possibility?

I remember reading or seeing that Bill Gates has a machine that he can use at a beach house that can cool the water in an ocean (I haven't seen it but...)...What if they combined these with hydro electric power technology...Wouldn't it cool the ocean eventually and at the same time produce power for you. What if they installed a bunch of these near the islands in hurricane valley, along the eastern coast or around the tip of Florida...At the same time construct desalination water plants to deal with the rise of ocean levels...Would that help reduce the damaging effect of hurricanes? It might be a way to start fighting climate extremes?

Would cooling the ocean kill marine life?

Would cooling the ocean attract sharks to new areas?

Would it even matter at the temp. difference?

They can construct oil rigs in the ocean, couldn't they construct power/cooling rigs? Wouldn't it help avoid the talk for nuclear plants?

Putting Sanctions on a country, you only hurt it's innocent citizens. Besides hurting the economy which ultimately hurts it's citizens the most. The evil regimes will still get whatever they happen to need, again, at it's citizen's expense!

Is it possible to combine oil with oil in rock before it is fracked?...Would this add durability to brick buildings in earthquake zones?

Would brick become flammable?

One of the harder things for me to deal with is...not having someone I can talk to...don't get me wrong this isn't a feel sorry type of rant...I'm just being serious...I feel I have to be careful on what I say or even on who I tell what to...everyone always says you can talk to them but reality is it depends on what you want to talk about...with the stigma on talking with a therapist it doesn't help because that can and will be used against you...having a past brain injury you have to think this stuff through because you'll hardly ever get the benefit of doubt...So you talk to yourself and answer yourself as well...In a way this is probably benefiting me because no one is influencing me but me and because I take ownership of pretty much everything...If I don't take ownership of something...I will in due time...I just have to keep processing it through my mind and eventually I'll take blame...because ultimately I am the one in control of self....

Whatever happened with bio fuel?

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