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Thinking Out Loud 24

I wish youtube had a third option of a closed fist. Instead of only having agree and disagree. By only having one or the other, often times the way you mark it could be lost in translation. I know most will say, just don't bother, but that is the point. I think psychologically having a third option of neither agreeing or disagreeing would make more people comfortable in choosing one...rather than not choosing any..

While at it...I also wish one could see the timeline of the video...while it is all times, have the red line at the bottom of the video or just to have an option to leave it in...Most watch on a monitor or phone and only some view on the big screen...

Accept yourself... your actions...and, Let things go!

Sometimes I wonder why I do certain things or take certain actions....

The thing about mistakes is...

You don't realize one till after you make one

With all the vape illnesses...which are derived from the black market, artificial flavoring, chemicals, etc...when will people learn the word "NATURAL"

Legalization and regulation could and would solve all these cannabis issues

Just so u know CBD oil can be vaped also long as it's natural

Would cigarettes or cigars be safer if the tobacco was combined with cannabis or CBD heavy cannabis? eliminating all the addictive chemicals?

If they matched cigarettes with certain cannabis to taste good and kept the cannabis at low THC levels and high CBD levels...also eliminated the addictive chemicals and kept them all natural...people would become naturally addicted

Today's key word"s are "natural" and "moderation"

Want less Gay people...then have less wide

This statement could get people angry at me...just so u know no hard feelings, feel free to believe whatever it is u wish...I am not trying to convince you...OK...With as easy as it is to manipulate our media you really believe that it was harder to accomplish 1000's of years ago? U do realize that the bible was written by man...not saying anything, just saying!

all I am saying is to think about things...take the times into consideration

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