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Thinking Out Loud 26

Just to reaffirm, the Democrats seem to not care about the American People. All they care about is beating Trump and they won't even be able to do that... they have too resort to trying to impeach him and that will most likely blow up in there face...

The Republicans are no better, all they do is whine and cry foul besides screw the common folks

When will people learn that the right wing and the left wing are off the same bird.

For a true democracy you need three parties. With all three treated equally with the same the same time YouTube should have three options ... instead of two where one either has to like or dislike with no in between.

ideas for me to sort out eventually or scrap

-water jet home unit (tech used for (electricity)

-solar powered-battery to power water jet / hydro unit or even a low power on grid connection

-water jet / hydro unit to power home

-water line for refill when needed

is this possible?

-companies collecting information on internet users should pay a tax/year of use of that information to the people to help pay for services

-they are making profits on that information

-one time freebies are pointless as the information is used over and over or sold to another company again collecting more profit

People could avoid controversy with the BLACKLIVESMATTER movement by simply adding...ALSO... underneath. One wouldn't hear comments like "well all lives matter". Some folks need a little extra information before they fully grasp the message



Along with adding the word must follow there own rule for further clarity (not trying to be controversial, just covering all angles)

I think Trump is a clever person or at least he has surrounded himself with clever people. Based on few don't fool a bank and creditors 6 times unless you are clever or have an inside man...even if it is the latter, you would have to be clever to think of the idea.

U don't lie some ridiculous amount of times a day ... get away with it for so long unless you are clever in doing it...

U can't totally manipulate the news ... spin negative news about you as the medias fault ... scream fake news ... get away with it for so long...unless you are clever

U can't figure out how to manipulate the working class into believing you are actually fighting for them .. have little to nothing significant to show for it ... in the mean time benefit the opposite class of people...unless you are clever

Please do not mistake clever with can be clever while not being all up there, at the same time

I think it would be in North Korea's best interest NOT to make a deal with Trump and hold off a little longer, till a real president takes office... I mean "how could you" having any kind of sense...I am still surprised to this day that America still thinks that anyone would still want to make a deal with them after all the shit they have pulled on there end of deals.

I once heard a statement in a video I watched where the subject mentioned certain other countries think we are week...that's not quite the word I would use to describe choice of words would be "portrayed as dumb and verified by our leadership".

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