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Thinking Out Loud 28

This 4 year presidency is totally destroying our country (along with these so called politicians)'s like expecting someone to fail or to make it seem as if they only need a little more time just so they get another 4 years...whether they are good or bad you're stuck with them for 4 more years... just so they can pass the baton to the next person


Violent, pornographic, any adult sites should be closed by default...When on the public web, the site address has a blank page asking for ID #...once that # is entered it opens up all site addresses...the sites will close back to blank page unless # re entered after certain time, or clicking close, if you plan on spending a longer amount of time, one can set how many hours to stay open... An ID card or drivers license # should be required to enter and verify age...

Pollution is probably the biggest problem preventing fixing the world, everybody is focused only on fossil fuels...and forgetting about all else and the obvious...plastics, recycling, trash overall, animal farms, chemical spraying

Hearing aides should automatically translate any language into your language...

Actually I'm not sure how that would work in a louder environment?

I haven't seen the razor in person but being a phone and it's main purpose I'm assuming is to be a me it would make perhaps more sense to have two screens instead of one fold-able? Just like many t.v. shows have multi t.v. sets to form one large picture, with as skinny as possible bezels or better yet no bezels...I mean if one wants one solid screen, they already have many options to choose from, ..but with multi screens you can have the best possible picture as long as the consumer realizes it's main function is to communicate..Concentrate on the folding mechanism to place the separate screens as close together to appear as one...the same idea could be applied to the Samsung fold-able perhaps? but it's purpose is different

This is just an opinion...I might be totally wrong when I see a comparison (side by side) and might prefer a single screen perhaps? Might not be everyone's flavor for an idea?

(possible conspiracy)

What I believe the real reason is why solar energy isn't being pushed and 5G is being shoved down our throats...Having solar energy potentially puts you off grid...going completely off grid makes it much more difficult for Big Brother to spy on you...This is the point 5G enters the picture...5G gives them all the capabilities they need...

Is 5G safe or not?

Is it just a conspiracy...the lack of public outcry and the fact no one is trying to do anything besides making a few videos shows me signs that it's safe? Does it even matter if it's not, since it is being installed anyways...later it will be said "well it's too late now!"..." too much money invested!"...

(Another possible conspiracy)

What worries me is the 5g satellites, since they will be closer to street level and many more of them...that they will start testing mind controlled sonic type signals or in other words riot controlled sound frequencies to control the masses...told you, this could be a conspiracy but my mind wonders...

One solution to deal with fake news (at least on video) would be to simply require it to be marked fake news just like live videos are clearly marked...Opinions (conspiracy theories), Fact Checked, Non Facts should be marked as well...all print (web) and videos or all media should get keep things simple podcasts should be marked as "opinions" even if facts are thrown in?... or "editorial"?

Charged with Hefty fines when reporting fake as real fact checked news...

Will need some more thoughts on labels...

If you tell yourself it's not true, well you'll believe it's not true


especially in Europe, they use cheap alcohol to control people's minds, especially if it is a country with signs of no foreseeable hope...not naming anyone but, yeah...

I'm assuming back in the day they would send letters back when someone was travelling the other way...then they would mail it, once in Europe. But I'm sure many never arrived to there destinations as many countries where communist with a lot of control over it's people...and they where probably curious of it's contents, checking all letters.

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