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Will Miss Ya-Warrior

This morning I lost my pup Harley, a little Yorkie, might have been a little guy but he had the heart of a pitbull.

It was a bit of an unexpected surprise as he went in to have teeth removed yesterday...perhaps they took out to many for such a small dog at once...

anyways he always watched over me barking whenever the phone would ring and I would answer, when I was home alone,.. he'd bark at me whenever I would lean over while being in my wheelchair,...

when I would fall when exercising he would bark ...for some reason he would always come into my studio and bark at me if I was doing something while I was suppose to be doing something else...

he would always check up on me every couple or few hours if he didn't see me...he would block my wheelchair from leaving the kitchen in order to pet him after everyone of my meals... he was a messenger of someone passing...

he always acted as a protector, bigger then his small body and tiny bark...It was like he was trying to communicate to me for someone else...that's all I'm saying...

he waited for me and sat up for me to pet him one last time this morning when I came down... then passed shortly after... and I'll close at that...

Will miss ya my little Warrior

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