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Thinking Out Loud 30

If we live forever we will cause the same problems as having too many coyotes, wolves or any animals in any area where they are over populated or not hunted...

It makes me laugh everytime I hear concerns about living forever... it's like hitting fast forward and moving to far all need to stop and reverse back to the beginning

Evil is starting to run away...are you all really blind to see you not notice capitalism off course, running away...

besides you will blow yourselves up before then anyways

Lost cities are underwater for a reason...ancient civilizations are no longer around, for a reason

If everyone would have payed attention to History, you might have noticed

Do you all really believe u are smarter then nature...nature created everything, including you, from nothing...making corrections through evolution...meaning if ET's are real...they are our evolution just like we are to the apes, and if you think you will be able to outsmart them...then you also believe that apes can outsmart us humans...

If you believe in karma then you have to believe that we will end up in cages one day, so I would take that into consideration when discussing living forever, and you better hurry up as there's only so much time left before it's possible...

If I had the power of nature I would solve poverty or help in trying to end it...I would prevent pregnancy until a certain financial status is reached. That might sound unfair but having a child have to face poverty issues and face adversity from the beginning, is what is unfair...

Are we creating the brain/mind power of ET's with A.I...?...comparing our human brain power compared to the ape... vs... ET brain power compared to humans...?

Since I believe in God and that he is nature, while he see's through our eye's and everything is connected, he might be gathering his A.I. information through everything we are doing?... which would make sense to me of why I at times feel as if I'm in a simulation...

Do all the cannabinoids in Cannabis work on the brain as a whole or do certain cannabinoids work on the right side and certain others on the left while some work on both...?...I think,I just answered my own question...

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