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Thinking Out Loud 32

I believe in God therefore I also believe in heaven. Along with my belief that hell is on earth and that your soul stays here when it is not in heaven. My suspicion at this time is leaning towards believing that your reward for going into heaven might be being reincarnated over time in the next civilization as alien life form perhaps in a different galaxy. My reasoning for this thought... are supposed,, ancient drawings of alien lifeform. It also helps explain to me what happens with all the souls.

This would also help explain to me why one will have to get used to the fact of woman in power. Frankly I believe God is fed up currently with only majority of men being in power through out civilizations and only helping in destroying this world.

Just for the record-being successful and attending church every Sunday will not get you to heaven if you helped in destroying this world. If you cannot except women in power, gays, lesbians, transgenders folks of all colors, eliminating your hate then your better off ending your life because that will ensure you stay on earth.

I'm not ready to believe it to be a translation of mine as it recently came to my mind so I'm only claiming it to be my suspicion as I still need to answer a lot of questions

I also suspect that the earth is a test bed perhaps...?...

These thoughts would help explain, to me, A.I. as it was most likely instinct that helped create it.

You do not have to believe any of my thoughts, you're free to believe what you want. I am not trying to or going to influence you. People have been trying to influence there beliefs on you for thousands of years already. If you want to believe that Jesus walked on water or that he magically turned water into wine...go ahead, you're not hurting my feelings...Just remember Jesus wasn't believed the first time around either...and how has it turned out so far...

Jesus's thoughts and translations where heavily influenced by his surroundings and the beliefs at the time.

Aliens most likely follow there instinct through there subconcious, God controls there instinct and he will decide when they will come into contact with us...Like I've already mentioned God sees through our eyes, reads our brains...

God can only do so much mentally, especially when one chooses not to listen...That's why he needs Warriors on the ground, so he can do his work.

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