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Thinking Out Loud 35

Life being a natural form of A.I., along with machine A.I. is all about figuring things out

I believe skin color was a design flaw by God, further me... that earth is or was a test bed... Not so much as a mistake but an oversite...

If aliens are real and if they possibly live in another galaxy that would not only mean that we have already lived our lives but that we also might be in a time delay...

have this funny feeling that the Jetsons is suppose to be translated more like a reality tv show now, instead of a cartoon, like before

I am starting to believe that we should start moving vertically rather than horizontally

If you want to use cannabis daily i feel it's best used in low doses if you want to stay productive...but that depends on the activity and your personality...


Drone garage on top of highrise building...incoming, drone automatically lands on base connected to moving conveyor (already has set dimensions which are standard)...driver exits drone into enclosed hall w/elevators...conveyer parks drone automatically


driver pages garage...conveyor automatically brings out drone...drone all warmed up, ...instructions/directions all ready programed and waiting... ready for passengers

drone automatically detects takeoff spot...and adjusts directions automatically

Not for all...would be a drone available but for the wealthy who need to use helicopters...

4 sets of propellers on a drone instead of one

plus you wouldn't want to buy a flying object from a non trusted company anyway...unless you would want to... to increase your chances of falling out of the sky...

Something to think about: Capitalism can save us but it is also responsible for putting us into this situation, along with greed... In the first place...

global warming=warning...plague=time is running out....asteroid=deadline

We show enough improvement then asteroid will pass by...all up to God and what we are capable of...

What I find amusing at times is what I imagine in my head (my translations) and comparing to what you guys are saying on tv and stuff...your ideologies... remember God reads everyone's mind so you can bullshit humans but not lie to yourself and's just a shame that the only way you'll believe me is if you have faith but even then you'll only believe what you already believe...But god is more scientific then you have been led to understand

The lack of education in this country...says a lot...mean while...The abundance of education in other countries...doesn't say much either...

Evolution happens in the next civilization...That's why I'm skeptical when I hear someone say they want to live forever...

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