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Thinking Out Loud 36

Is heaven the next civilization or the final civilization...?...Does heaven still need to be weeded is like one big filter...

The whole deal with God is that people need to figure it out on their own... So if you are waiting for God to save you...your in for some bad news..He can only control the mind but you have to be willing to listen and interpret based on empathy....One needs to follow his or her order to communicate with God...

The fact that people need to figure it out on their own is the reason why if they want change...they must do it on their translation this is why regime change wars do not work when done by an outside force

What makes living on earth difficult is that people are often misinterpreting Gods message because they are not applying any empathy towards the translation...If empathy would be applied then we would thrive as a civilization...

All animals including us humans are always being given the answers by God...Whale language could be God trying to communicate with us through whale communication...we just can't figure it out

I think that the Olympics originally was an interpretation of a way to settle differences between nations to avoid having and spending on wars...given by God...

Perhaps in order to survive the radiation on other planets in space, we are suppose to build under the surface like ants and other insects... ?...

Why do humans call themselves humans and why do they not think they are not animals ...someone has to remind them that man gave them that title...

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