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I did not get relief often when I had Black Market Cannabis but when I did, it felt like  stronger Relief, at times it felt more complete, full, more parts to it.




so far the relief seems like I get aspects of my previous relief


This is resolved when combining multiple strains

Great Lakes Lemon

Schaumburg, Il.

When I mention Black Market Cannabis I have had 2 different types of black market cannabis

Regular which was cheaper and was easier to exercise weakened muscles (no matter the dosage). not always but at least 6 out of 10 times


Designer which was more expensive and seemed to overmedicate my weakened muscles. 



It was physically easier for me, using Black Market cannabis. This was mainly noticeable in my walking. My leg would not participate.

Pupdwag Dreamz

makes my muscles loosen up  and relax    preferred 

also helps me sleep through the night

IF I handle Cannabis or a concentrate too much (Grind Herb early or physically overhandle a concentrate )- it will lower my body temp (cold) when it should raise it 

When my body temp drops, the room and I get cooler as I exert myself and then the room and I get warmer as I cool down. I stay cool sometimes cold throughout.


Lately, this happens less often.

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